It is often difficult for rosarians with limited space to plant a rose that blooms only once, especially if it gets rather large. In the case of ‘Complicata’ it is worth it! In The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book, Thomas says of ‘Complicata’, “In the light sandy soil in my garden, in close competition with […]

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Baronne Prevost

This rose is special to me because it bears the name of one of my family ancestors on my father’s side, the French part. The rose was given to me by Gail Trimble, and that makes it even more special. It is a hybrid perpetual and retains the old rose form. It has large, globular

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Betty Boop

‘Betty Boop’ was hybridized by Tom Carruth from a cross of the red blend floribunda, ‘Playboy’ and the pink blend floribunda, ‘Picasso’, and was introduced by Weeks Wholesale Roses in 1999. It is classified by the American Rose Society as a red blend floribunda with 6-12 petals and a very good garden rating of 8.1.

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Just Joey

‘Just Joey’ rose is a beautiful hybrid tea rose with orange – copper blossoms. The elegantly, pointed orange buds open into large blooms that are four to six inches across. The wavy-edged petals are a rich apricot color when new, softening to a light peach at the outer edges as blooms mature. The foliage is

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Dozens of Disease-Resistant Roses

Looking to add some new roses to the garden? In addition to their beautiful blossoms, and delectable fragrance, go for disease-resistant varieties.  A careful selection now can make your rose growing easier, and gentler on the environment. What’s disease resistance? It’s a plants ability to fend off infection. In our climate the diseases of concern

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Rose de Rescht

‘Rose de Rescht’ was named after an Iranian city near the Caspian Sea, though its hybridizer, true name, and origins remain a mystery. According to the American Rose Society, it was “originally introduced into England about 1880, but was then forgotten about and re-introduced in the 1940s”. The most widely accepted story is that the

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Gray squirrels busily gathered plump acorns as browning elm leaves swirled across the Marin Art & Garden lawn, the Rose Garden now in the lengthening shadows of an Indian summer afternoon. I had come for inspiration for our last Rose of the Month column. The difficulty is not to be influenced by favoritism or personal

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This month I’ll venture off into a land I’ve not had much experience with, miniature roses. Although I planted lots of them for my mother, (oh yes, watered, pruned and fertilized too), they were HER roses, and did very well there. However for me, not so great. But there are some that are guaranteed to

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Gold Medal

‘Gold Medal’ is one of my favorite roses, being a fan of yellow anyway. Hybridized by Christensen in 1982, it has withstood the test of time. Also known by the name ‘Golden Medal’, it has parents of ‘Yellow Prize’ X ‘Shirley Langhorn’, ‘Granada’ X ‘Garden Party’. It won the New Zealand Gold Star of the

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Most of us know ‘Ballerina’ as it is a favorite of most rosarians given its dainty flowers, nonstop bloom and multiple awards on the exhibition table with an incredible American Rose Society rating of 8.5. This rose is a single flowered one with five petals shading from the pink bud to open white/pink and healthy

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