Memphis Music

‘Memphis Music’ is a sport of ‘Memphis Magic’. It has a very striking deep red color with yellow stripes. Because it is a sport, it varies considerably in the variegation and may revert to all red as found in its parent, ‘Memphis Magic’. It is successful in exhibition, winning many prizes. Many people think that […]

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Lavaglut, a German word for lava glow, comes from a well-known German family, Kordes. ‘Lavaglut’ was bred in 1978 and introduced to the market in 1979. This eye-catching floribunda is a cross of ‘Gruss an Bayern’ x Seedling. The glowing clusters of deep velvety red seem to continually erupt from a blanket of clean, glossy

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Sophy’s Rose

I obtained this rose a year ago after seeing Betty Mott’s entry in a rose show. I’m not a big fan of Austin roses, thinking the heads tend to droop too much, but this one is captivating. Mine is more of a stunning magenta color, with a lovely round flat multi-petalled shape, typical of most

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‘Altissimo’ was bred in France by Georges Delbard and Andre Chabert in 1966 from a cross of a medium red, semi-double, large-flowered climber called ‘Tenor’ and an unnamed seedling. The team of Delbard and Chabert hybridized many other roses in France – the most famous here besides ‘Altissimo’ are the orange blend floribunda, ‘Gingersnap’, and

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St Patrick

My favorite colors are green and yellow, so what could be a more perfect combination than our Rose of the Month, ‘St. Patrick’? Although this presentation is a bit late for its namesakes’ holiday, still a lovely addition to any garden. I’ve grown this rose for several years and it presents lovely long-stemmed blooms, opening

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Pierre de Ronsard

One of the most beautiful romantic roses ever created is the Meilland rose, ‘Pierre de Ronsard’. France’s “prince of poets” was an avid gardener, and it was appropriate to commemorate him with a rose by his name. He was best known for his romantic sonnets. The city of Paris decided they would pay a tribute

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It is often difficult for rosarians with limited space to plant a rose that blooms only once, especially if it gets rather large. In the case of ‘Complicata’ it is worth it! In The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book, Thomas says of ‘Complicata’, “In the light sandy soil in my garden, in close competition with

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Baronne Prevost

This rose is special to me because it bears the name of one of my family ancestors on my father’s side, the French part. The rose was given to me by Gail Trimble, and that makes it even more special. It is a hybrid perpetual and retains the old rose form. It has large, globular

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