Memphis Music

‘Memphis Music’ is a sport of ‘Memphis Magic’. It has a very striking deep red color with yellow stripes. Because it is a sport, it varies considerably in the variegation and may revert to all red as found in its parent, ‘Memphis Magic’. It is successful in exhibition, winning many prizes. Many people think that this is the most outstanding of Whit Wells’ Tennessee ‘Memphis’ roses. Everybody knows about Memphis as the home of great Blues as well as Country music. This rose is more country to me. It is a difficult rose to purchase in commerce because it varies in its color so much. Try to get this rose and sing along with Whit.

Breeder: Verlie ‘Whit’ Wells, 2006

Class: Miniflora

Petals: 17-25

Size: 24 to 30 inches in height

Color Class: Red blend

Fragrance: Slight

Parentage: Sport of ‘Memphis Magic’

By Frank Treadway

Edited for the website by N Londeree, December 2020

1 thought on “Memphis Music”

  1. I am one of the lead volunteers at the Morcom Amphitheater of Roses, Oakland’s historic municipal rose Garden.

    At the East Bay Rose Society’s 2019 show, three Memphis Music blossoms were entered. A couple of us at the Morcom were so impressed that we ordered a pair of Memphis Music roses for the Garden.

    Unfortunately they were stolen by a rose thief who plagued the Garden at night and took approximately one hundred roses over a two-and-a-half year stretch. Now the stealing has stoppered, and we want to replace those plants, but I cannot locate a source on line. Would you know of a supplier?

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