Lavaglut, a German word for lava glow, comes from a well-known German family, Kordes. ‘Lavaglut’ was bred in 1978 and introduced to the market in 1979. This eye-catching floribunda is a cross of ‘Gruss an Bayern’ x Seedling. The glowing clusters of deep velvety red seem to continually erupt from a blanket of clean, glossy green leaves. It is a well behaved, short, rounded, bushy plant and very disease resistant. ‘Lavaglut’ can be used for beds and borders, containers, cut flowers and exhibition. This rose continues to be one of the most highly rated of the red floribundas. ‘Lavaglut’ is a prolific bloomer with excellent substance and color. What a perfect name for this rose!

Breeder: Kordes, Germany, 1978

Class: Floribunda

Color Class: Dark Red

Fragrance: Mild

Parentage: ‘Gruss an Bayern’ x Seedling

By Lydia Treadway

Edited for the website by N Londeree, December 2020

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