Easy Does it

Every year the All America Rose Selections (AARS) tests new rose bushes in gardens across the U.S. After two years of testing, they select the best varieties for disease resistance, growth qualities and overall appeal. The only AARS winner for 2010 was ‘Easy Does It’.

It is distinctively delightful, and as its name implies, super easy to grow! Scalloped blooms are free-flowing swirls of mango-orange, peach-pink and apricot. It is a bushy plant with glossy green leaves and grows three to four feet tall. It produces double, ruffled four-inch blooms, with a moderate fruity aroma. With proven disease resistance, vigor, and flower power, you can’t say no to this delectable treat that performs so well in a wide variety of climates and conditions.

This rose was created in England by Harkness Roses. The world owes a huge “thank you” to Jack Harkness and the nursery that he left behind at his death in 1994. His much-respected nursery has continued in existence, and among other things, is responsible for three very fine floribunda varieties known as ‘Livin’ Easy’, ‘Easy Going’, and now ‘Easy Does It’. We do grow this AARS rose and it is a fine addition to our garden.

Breeder: Harkness New Roses Ltd; Introducer: Weeks Roses

Class: Floribunda

Color: Orange pink

Parentage: (‘Queen Charlotte’ x ‘Della Balfour’) x ‘Baby Love’

Fragrance: Moderate fruity fragrance

By Lydia Treadway

Edited for the website by N Londeree, December 2020

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