Bronze Medal

The Bronze Medal is awarded for outstanding service to the local society. The recipient must be a full or associate member of the American Rose Society and an active member of the local society for at least three years. It is the highest honor given at the local level.

Recipients of the Bronze Medal of the Marin Rose Society

1996 Nanette Londeree
1997 Joseph and Marion Klima
1998 Barbara Picarelli and Gail Trimble
1999 Frank and Lidija Treadway
2001 Lenore Ruckman
2002 Lee and Dorothy Arnold
2003 Florence Taylor
2004 Gary Scales
2005 Betty Mott
2007  Joan Goff
2009  Kitty O’Donnell
2010  Paula Jaffe
2012 Maureen Groper
2013 Sandy Simon
2014 Paul Cullen
2015 Lydia Truce
2016 Richard Holtz
2018 Connie Pelissero
2019 Andy Smith
2020 Don Chapman
2021 Vivien Bronshvag
2022 Ronette King

The History of the Marin Rose Society Trophies

For many, many years, the Marin Rose Society had only two trophies: the Netboy Trophy and the John Bennett Trophy. In 1995, the Joseph Klima and Marion Klima Trophies were added, much to the surprise and delight of the Klimas. Starting in 2001, many more trophies were added. As new classes are added, this is an ongoing process! The trophy criteria, history of winners, and the roses that won are included on each trophy page.

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