Double Delight

If someone asked me what my favorite rose is, while I might pause for a brief moment to consider, I undoubtedly would come up with ‘Double Delight.’ Not that I am particularly partial to hybrid teas, but this rose has so much going for it that it remains one of the most popular roses in …

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Marquise Bocella

I was out in my garden yesterday, doing puttering type jobs, mini pruning, weeding, etc., when I noticed that my ‘Jacques Cartier’ was blooming. Now I can hear the wheels turning as you think WHAT is she talking about? Yes, this rose goes by both names, including ‘Marquise Boccella’, as well as ‘Marquise Bocella’. While …

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Fairhope, Alabama, was established in 1894 by an “adventurous” group of people who believed that they had a “fair chance of success” in creating their “utopian single tax” city. Located on the southwestern tip of Alabama on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, Fairhope today is a resort town known as Alabama’s Seaside Paradise. ‘Fairhope’, …

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Some have accused this writer of being an Anglophile for featuring so many English roses. Well, here’s one for the French. The story of the rose, ‘Peace’, is well known to rose lovers, but always puts a lump in my throat and hope in my heart. The Meilland Family of France have been growing roses …

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Easy Does it

Every year the All America Rose Selections (AARS) tests new rose bushes in gardens across the U.S. After two years of testing, they select the best varieties for disease resistance, growth qualities and overall appeal. The only AARS winner for 2010 was ‘Easy Does It’. It is distinctively delightful, and as its name implies, super …

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Memphis Music

‘Memphis Music’ is a sport of ‘Memphis Magic’. It has a very striking deep red color with yellow stripes. Because it is a sport, it varies considerably in the variegation and may revert to all red as found in its parent, ‘Memphis Magic’. It is successful in exhibition, winning many prizes. Many people think that …

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