Gertrude Jekyll

If we were sitting with David Austin, having a spot of tea, and he remarked that he could not think of any other rose with quite so strong a fragrance as ‘Gertrude Jekyll’, I should rather think we would take note. Indeed, ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ is one of the best and most popular of David Austin’s …

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Sally Holmes

Several years ago, I converted a small storage area outside my office into an enclosed patio. Sloat Nursery had the perfect fountain on sale and Sunnyside offered two oversized clay pots. But with northern exposure and a ten-foot fence, the lack of direct sunlight was a major concern. I chose two ‘Sally Holmes’ and have …

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The McCartney Rose

I was a little before the Beatles, but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating a rose named for one of them, ‘The McCartney Rose’. Also found under the names of ‘Paul McCartney’, ‘Sweet Lady’ and ‘The MacCartney Rose’. This is a hybrid tea, in a rich medium clear pink that was hybridized by Meilland and …

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‘Sombreuil’, sold in Europe as ‘Mlle de Sombreuil’, dates back to 1850. It is sometimes found as ‘Colonial White’ as well. Legend has it that it was named after a heroine of the French Revolution who is reputed to have drunk the blood of an aristocrat to prove her father’s non-aristocratic status. (Wonder why they …

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