Nanette Londeree

Rose Care for June

As summer approaches it’s time to get into the garden maintenance mode – deadheading, weeding and watering. keeping after pests and fertilizing.  You can follow the same routine through September, barring any unusual weather.  Speaking of weather, late spring can bring us conditions that may cause some strange symptoms in your plants. Freezing temperatures followed …

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Sally Holmes

Several years ago, I converted a small storage area outside my office into an enclosed patio. Sloat Nursery had the perfect fountain on sale and Sunnyside offered two oversized clay pots. But with northern exposure and a ten-foot fence, the lack of direct sunlight was a major concern. I chose two ‘Sally Holmes’ and have …

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What Bug is That?

Spring is here and time for roses to put on their spectacular annual show. To our delight, plants are bursting with a bounty of gorgeous blooms and abundant lush foliage. It’s also the season for lots of insects to make their appearance in the garden. If you see a bug you don’t recognize, don’t squish …

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Rose Care for May

Spring has arrived and it is my favorite time of the year. The wonderful shiny leaves in all shades of green, maroon and burgundy and rose buds galore. What is really exciting is the sticks that we planted a few months ago (new bare-root roses} are now healthy plants ready to bloom. The first bloom …

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The McCartney Rose

I was a little before the Beatles, but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating a rose named for one of them, ‘The McCartney Rose’. Also found under the names of ‘Paul McCartney’, ‘Sweet Lady’ and ‘The MacCartney Rose’. This is a hybrid tea, in a rich medium clear pink that was hybridized by Meilland and …

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Aphids and Suckers

Young lush rose foliage sparkles like diamonds after the refreshing rains. Growing at breakneck speed, plants are loaded with buds, and, for us rose lovers, this upcoming blooming season is March Madness, the World Series and the Superbowl all rolled into one! Don’t let aphids diminish your enjoyment – just knock them off with a …

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