Nanette Londeree

Sheila’s Perfume

It would be hard to find a more colorful rose than ‘Sheila’s Perfume’! Classed as a floribunda, this rose is more similar to a hybrid tea in bloom form and shrub structure. The classic shape of the buds on long stems with often single blooms make ‘Sheila’s Perfume’ perfect for cutting. In the vase you’ll …

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Distant Drums

Dr. Griffith Buck was a professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University and was an excellent hybridizer of modern roses. His main goal in hybridizing was to breed roses that were able to survive the harsh winter temperatures of -26F without protection. Of course, along with that were disease resistance, repeat bloom, good flower form …

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The colors of ‘Westerland’ are those of a sunset – lovely apricot-orange with a touch of pink. The perfumed blooms are generally more than three inches wide, double, ruffled, with 20 petals that are slightly serrated. Officially classified as a shrub rose ‘Westerland’ is often sold as a climber. In our mild climate it grows …

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Baby Love

‘Baby Love’ was bred in the United Kingdom by Len Scrivens in 1992 from a cross of an orange blend miniature called ‘Sweet Magic’ and a seedling that was a cross of an unnamed seedling and the light red species, ‘R. davidii elongate’. Modern Roses 12 lists nine registered roses for Len Shrivens – the …

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James Mason

Peter Beales introduced this gallica in 1982, just before James Mason’s death in 1984. James Mason, a well-known British actor, was an avid rosarian and a lover of cats. He and his wife, Pamela, wrote a book about their cats and James illustrated it. Due to his keen interest in roses, the James Mason Medal …

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Betty Prior

Not complicated or fragile. Hardy and enduring. Well, in a word, sensible. Thomas C. Cooper writes: “the rose ‘Betty Prior’ is rumored to be the favorite of the Queen of England, and if this is true, I imagine the appeal for her is similar to that of another English institution for which she has a …

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