Nanette Londeree

The Bad Guys of the Spring Rose Garden

It’s the time of the year when our national flower put on a dazzling show, cloaking plants with brilliantly colored, sweet-smelling blossoms. Are your plants bedecked with perfectly formed flowers, or by chance do you see what way too many gardeners do come June, roses with petals that resemble Swiss cheese, young buds that have …

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Who’s that Bug? It’s a Soldier Beetle

The word soldier can evoke images of militant, aggressive, tough, warrior like beings – hardly something you’d want to have in your peaceful garden, right? If you’re referring to beetles however, you absolutely DO want them – lots of them, helping you combat unwanted garden visitors (the insect type of visitor that is).  While the …

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Rose Care for March

It’s March and hopefully this winter will be coming to a soggy close soon. Harbingers of spring – daffodils blooming, cherry and plum trees putting on a spectacular show, and deciduous plants begin bursting with new life – including loads of blemish-free green and mahogany-red foliage on roses. Along with this explosion of growth come …

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