Rose Care for March

It’s March and hopefully this winter will be coming to a soggy close soon. Harbingers of spring – daffodils blooming, cherry and plum trees putting on a spectacular show, and deciduous plants begin bursting with new life – including loads of blemish-free green and mahogany-red foliage on roses. Along with this explosion of growth come …

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Soaker Hoses

Want to give your roses a slow deep watering, but aren’t ready for drip irrigation? A soaker hose might be the way to go. Most often made from recycled tires, the hoses’ rough surface contains millions of tiny pores that allows water to seep into the soil evenly and slowly. Available in a variety of …

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Rose Care for April

I love April. A chickadee family has already moved into one of my birdhouses, there are daffodils, blossoming trees and birds singing everywhere.  Now too, the roses have begun their season.  Amazing to me that only weeks ago they looked like dead sticks and now they have the most beautiful shiny, lush green or red …

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