What Bug is That?

Spring is here and time for roses to put on their spectacular annual show. To our delight, plants are bursting with a bounty of gorgeous blooms and abundant lush foliage. It’s also the season for lots of insects to make their appearance in the garden. If you see a bug you don’t recognize, don’t squish …

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Rose Care for May

Spring has arrived and it is my favorite time of the year. The wonderful shiny leaves in all shades of green, maroon and burgundy and rose buds galore. What is really exciting is the sticks that we planted a few months ago (new bare-root roses} are now healthy plants ready to bloom. The first bloom …

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Aphids and Suckers

Young lush rose foliage sparkles like diamonds after the refreshing rains. Growing at breakneck speed, plants are loaded with buds, and, for us rose lovers, this upcoming blooming season is March Madness, the World Series and the Superbowl all rolled into one! Don’t let aphids diminish your enjoyment – just knock them off with a …

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Rose Care for March

The first blast of Winter I in this great El Nino year seems to be over.  The lull in rain storms from the end of January through most of February reinforces something my son was told in college:  our seasons will be splitting into two.  We will have two winters and two summers.  This was …

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Learning to Irrigate Better with Less Water

On Tuesday, February 11, the Marin Rose Society was delighted to welcome Tom Bressan, founder and former owner of The Urban Farmer stores, to discuss and demonstrate the latest (and easiest) technologies in garden irrigation.  Members and guests learned so much from a gentleman who is more than likely THE most knowledgeable authority on the …

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Rose Care for February

February is one of my favorite months in the garden. It is a time to look back and think about last year’s challenges and look forward to working towards a healthy, water wise, environmentally friendly garden. Most rose gardeners are working hard to finish up their pruning to meet the suggested rule of thumb deadline …

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