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Garden Good Guys – Green Lacewings

The ethereal green lacewing is one of the more recognizable garden “good guys.”  With its slender pale green body, delicate gossamer wings, and immense golden eyes, it gives the appearance of a fairy prancing on garden leaves rather than the aggressive predator that it is. Lacewings, also called aphid lions, are natural enemies of several

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Mostly Good Guys for Garden Pest Control

Spiders get a bad rap; many people go to great lengths to get rid of them. Is it their other-worldly appearance? Concern about being bitten by a poisonous type or simply the idea of “creepy, crawling” things? Whatever the reason, before eliminating them, it’s good to understand the invaluable role they play keeping pest populations

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Who’s that Bug? It’s a Soldier Beetle

The word soldier can evoke images of militant, aggressive, tough, warrior like beings – hardly something you’d want to have in your peaceful garden, right? If you’re referring to beetles however, you absolutely DO want them – lots of them, helping you combat unwanted garden visitors (the insect type of visitor that is).  While the

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Rose Care for March

It’s March and hopefully this winter will be coming to a soggy close soon. Harbingers of spring – daffodils blooming, cherry and plum trees putting on a spectacular show, and deciduous plants begin bursting with new life – including loads of blemish-free green and mahogany-red foliage on roses. Along with this explosion of growth come

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