Working on your pruning?

We’re deep into the winter pruning season.  This is the brief period of time when roses in Marin go into semi-dormancy, and the best time to do your annual pruning of repeat flowering roses.  If you’re not quite done, or are just getting started, here are some things that may be of help:

Get the basics from How to Prune Roses in Winter presented by ARS Consulting Rosarian and Marin Master Gardener Don Chapman.  In this 12-minute video, Don walks through the key elements of rose pruning including tools to use and how to make cuts.   Check out pruning specific types of roses for before and after visuals and instruction for hybrid teas, floribundas, mini’s and more.  Got some climbers to prune? Watch Pruning and Training Your Climbing Rose for some good advice for tackling a big climbing rose. 

One way to make pruning a bit easier is to use the best tools you can afford and keep them sharp! Good sized canes can be cut like butter with very sharp bypass pruners. Cuts are cleaner, and it’s a lot less tiring for your hands.  Here’s a good how-to video detailing the process of Sharpening Hand Pruners.

And if you’re new to pruning altogether, check out this wealth of information on pruning from the Marin Master Gardeners including this short video on how to make the four basic pruning cuts.

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