Rose Care for July

This month can be the start of our hot weather, with warm days and cool nights as the summer fog pattern settles in. Maintain good deep watering at least every other day or more if we get a really hot spell. Fertilize with a good balanced liquid fertilizer always after watering so as not to burn the foliage. If you had applied a slow release fertilizer you should see the results now with good strong growth for more repeat bloom. Double check all drip or irrigation systems to be sure they are working properly. If you are having a neighbor or friend  tend your garden while you are on vacation, instruct them properly how to water and use wisely our precious resource.

If you spray, do so after watering so as not to burn the leaves and buds. Check our web site for further detailed questions on spraying properly.

Keep deadheading spent blooms and clean up dropped leaves and petals. Add more mulch if it looks sparse. This is the time to start evaluating your roses to see if you need to move them to a better spot or eliminate an unsatisfactory plant or change an entire bed. This can be done in the fall to prepare the soil before the winter.

Remember to enjoy your roses, whatever the weather may bring, hot or cool, and share with family and friends.

By Lenore Ruckman, Master Rosarian Emeritus
Edited for the website by Nanette Londeree, March 2020

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