Birds, Bees, Butterflies and even Bats!

It’s National Pollinator Week – June 22 through the 28. Even though we’re not growing roses for their fruit, pollinators are important to everyone.  It’s estimated that one out of every three bites of food we consume is the result of pollinators in action. Healthy gardens are filled with them – birds, bees, butterflies and more.  Learn more about the importance of pollinators and – brace yourself – imagine a world without bees. Want to amaze your friends? Mention these pollination fast facts. Better yet, make it a point to try these 7 things you can do for pollinators with friends and family.

Love your home-grown tomatoes? They wouldn’t possible with the extreme effort of bumblebees and buzz pollination. Some crafty bees even take an early pollination shift, coaxing pollen out of flowers with a technique that we humans cannot replicate.  And bees aren’t the only ones having fun. It also turns out that bats are power pollinators! And don’t forget that pollination goes both ways: flowers have some beautiful tricks for luring pollinators

During these challenging times, try to get a good dose of nature at home. When you step outside, immerse yourself in some unbelievable flowers that attract pollinators, and revel in the magnificence of pollination!

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