January Meeting Makes the Cuts

The Marin Rose Society kicked-off their 2020 program schedule on January 14 with the annual Winter Pruning Demonstration. This is a favorite among our members and guests alike, and this year it was even more engaging as we set up four separate pruning “stations” and allowed the attendees to get up close and personal with the process.  Most everyone there had a chance to make a few pruning cuts, all under the eyes of our own MRS Consulting Rosarians who guided even the newbies toward very skillful pruning indeed.  After the demonstration, almost all the roses were available on the Raffle Table for bidders that wanted to take their pruning handiwork home with them. 

It was a great meeting, chock-full of great content.  I think everyone there left happy and counting down the days until Spring!

Andy Smith, Program Chair

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