Sophy’s Rose

I obtained this rose a year ago after seeing Betty Mott’s entry in a rose show. I’m not a big fan of Austin roses, thinking the heads tend to droop too much, but this one is captivating. Mine is more of a stunning magenta color, with a lovely round flat multi-petalled shape, typical of most Austin roses.

David Austin’s web site calls it calls it a light red rose and a shrub to three feet tall, but mine is in a pot and is fully more than four feet tall and still blooming. The flowers have up to 60 petals which he calls fully double and are fairly flat rosette shape with bright yellow stamens when fully open. There is a light tea fragrance not as pronounced as some of the Austin Roses, but pleasant. It’s a prolific bloomer, with wonderful repeat bloom, which is why I decided to buy it. The foliage is a nice green color and free of disease (is there such a thing?) with a rather twiggy growth habit.

Hybridized by Austin in 1999, it’s actually named after the Dyslexia Association. Why is not fully explained in my journals.

By Barbara Picarelli, Consulting Rosarian Emeritus

Edited for the website by N Londeree, December 2020

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