Fourth of July

In 1999, ‘Fourth of July’ was the first climber to be awarded the All-America Rose Selection in more than 23 years. True to its name, ‘Fourth of July’ welcomes the Independence Day festivities with an explosion of red and white blooms just in time for the backyard picnic.

The foliage is bright green, very disease resistant and it is almost a continuous bloomer. This climbing rose looks especially stunning attached to a pergola or trellis. With its canes of 12 to 14 feet, it would stand out in any garden.

This is a wonderful cross between ‘Roller Coaster’ and ‘Altissimo’ with the best traits of both. The fragrance is something like sweet apple. Hybridized by Tom Carruth, it has an American Rose Society garden rating of 8.2.

By Lydia Treadway
Edited for the website by Nanette Londeree, March 2020

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