Shelter in place includes the rose garden!

During these unusual times of being homebound, think of all the GREAT things you can do in the garden! Spend time simply enjoying the lush new growth and developing flowers. Take a closer look; see if you can spot any insects you don’t recognize and try to identify them – are they pests or beneficials?  Take your camera or phone with you, snap a picture and compare to the information on our website.

Got weeds? Get out the gloves and start pulling, and learn how to better control them. How about irrigation? Give your system a once over to ensure you have no leaks and all emitters are working.  Check that your tools are clean and ready for the upcoming season. 

How about planting some companion plants? While you may not be able to visit nurseries now, you can peruse websites that can help you identify options

Try photographing your roses with your phone – designer and rosarian extraordinaire Carolyn Parker sharing some of her tips.

Raining outside? Pull out your favorite rose books for some inspiration like R is for Rose or look for e-versions of titles for learning and enjoyment like Roses Without Chemicals or Otherwise Normal People

And it’s nearly time to pick your first bouquet of the season and create an arrangement to enjoy indoors.

During this challenging time, take a break – walk away from the news, straight out the door and savor the beauty and joy of the garden!

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,
or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.
Abraham Lincoln

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