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On Tuesday evening, March 10, the Marin Rose Society was very happy to welcome Mr. Dane Rose of Mystical Landscapes, Inc to speak on his experiences in garden design in Marin county.  

Mr. Rose is that unique individual who combines a designer’s eye with the practical aspects of understanding his clients and providing them what they want…even if they themselves are not yet decided. To hone-down the projects, he explained how he generally requests that owners/spouses complete a questionnaire before he begins his “on the clock” consultations.  Not only does this allow his clients to focus their attention on what is most important (and the items on which both parties agree), but it also reduces the amount of billable time that they might otherwise have to spend.  We should also note that in his holistic approach, items such as driveways, garage doors and walls are all part of the landscape!

Using the maxim, “greatest return for least amount of money” he showed us some amazing and really ingenious transformations. I think that all the attending members and guests ran to purchase his books (links below if you didn’t get yours), with the knowledge that as Mystical Landscapes is based right here in Marin county, all of the examples and suggestions are founded on what successfully grows here in our own neighborhoods.  

We will surely be inviting Mr. Dan Rose back again soon to show some more examples and to discuss some of his projects!”

Marin Landscape Design  and Successfully Landscaping Your Marin Home

Andy Smith

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