Shutoffs, quick-disconnects, timers, and washers can help you save water

With severe restrictions on water usage, EVERY DROP counts! Be on the lookout for any drip or leak and find a way to eliminate it. Keeping your roses and other plants healthy, even with water restrictions, can be easier if you have the right tools for the job. Here are some small things that can save you time, energy, and water! 

A must have to conserve every drop of precious water is a hose-end shutoff valve. You can save considerable water by cutting off the water supply while moving from plant to plant. Most shut-off valves have a lever to open and close the valve; some are integrated into the nozzle or wand.  Don’t have one yet?  Get one for free by emailing Marin Water at

Have you tried quick disconnects? They are a real time and labor saver if you have multiple faucets or hoses, and attach different tools like nozzles, sprinklers, and soaker hoses to them. Rather than screwing and unscrewing accessories every time you make a change, once fitted with disconnects, it’s as simple as unplugging one tool and plugging in the next. They are generally sold in sets that include a male and female part. Attach the female part to the end of your hose, and the male to the tool you’re using, then put them together and click in place.  Simple!  Available in metal and plastic, the brass types are the most durable.  Learn more about quick disconnects ……

Never forget to turn your water off again! In-line timers can be a real water saver by shutting off water flow when your desired time is reached. Simple mechanical types connect between the hose and the water faucet. You just wind to the duration you want, like a kitchen timer. More elaborate digital timers that run on batteries allow you to program when to turn on, off, how long to run, and how frequent. There are even models now that are solar powered!  

Finally, it might seem like a small detail, but always use rubber washers when connecting your hose nozzle to your garden hose. Your chances of springing a leak will decrease drastically.

By Nanette Londeree, Master Rosarian

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