Get Creative with your Roses

Fall is here and with it comes longer nights and cooler temperatures.  This season can produce some of the best roses of the year; the plants are larger than in spring, fewer pests about and shorter days can produce some amazingly colored blossoms.  If you have some gorgeous blooms, how about preserving them?  Here are ideas about How to Preserve a Rose and How to Preserve a Rose You’ll Keep Forever.  Learn how to Preserve Roses in a DIY Rose Shadow Box for a lovely keepsake.

If you want to get really creative check out 31 DIY Ideas With Rose Petals.  You’ll find an amazing array of things you can make with your roses including soaps, rose petal vinegar, rose petal infused honey and much more.  And, if you have a bounty of rose petals, get inspired to make Rose Petal Jam Recipe and learn how to package it up for holiday gifts in DIY Mason Jar Packaging.

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