Rose Care for May

Spring has arrived and it is my favorite time of the year. The wonderful shiny leaves in all shades of green, maroon and burgundy and rose buds galore. What is really exciting is the sticks that we planted a few months ago (new bare-root roses} are now healthy plants ready to bloom.

The first bloom of the season generally produces the largest blossoms. In order to keep the roses blooming make sure to keep up with deadheading, removing all spent blooms. This is necessary not only for aesthetics, but if the bloom is left on the plant it can develop hips and result in fewer flowers. When deadheading, look for twiggy growth and crossing canes in the center of the plant and remove in order to promote good air circulation.

If you haven’t done so, now is a good time to lay down mulch around the base of your plants, two to three inches at most. The mulch will help retain moisture and reduce evaporation of water from the soil. Also helps reduce the number of weeds, and conserve water.

Enjoy your beautiful roses.

By Florence Taylor, Consulting Rosarian Emeritus
Edited for the website by Nanette Londeree, December 2019

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