Learning to Irrigate Better with Less Water

On Tuesday, February 11, the Marin Rose Society was delighted to welcome Tom Bressan, founder and former owner of The Urban Farmer stores, to discuss and demonstrate the latest (and easiest) technologies in garden irrigation.  Members and guests learned so much from a gentleman who is more than likely THE most knowledgeable authority on the subject.

Tom’s sessions are highly interactive and “hands on” so rather than a PowerPoint presentation, Tom spoke from a table on which various components of irrigation systems were carefully placed.  Every time a particular piece was mentioned., we all got to see the Real Deal right there in front of us…..and for those of us especially tactile, the pieces were passed around among the audience members.  The bottom line was that almost all of us could irrigate better with LESS water by updating our systems!

As happens with the very best sessions, we all came away with a LOT more knowledge and enthusiasm.  I heard several attendees say that they were going home to fine-tune their systems right away.

Andy Smith, Program Chair

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