The Newest True Blooms

It’s nearly bareroot season, and time for the annual process of rose introductions.  A new player in roses (at least new to me) is Altman Plants with renowned rose hybridizer Ping Lim.  According to their website, Altman Plants began with the vision to grow the highest quality plants and make them available to everyone. Today, they are the largest horticultural grower in the United States, marketing through stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart. 

They are the grower of “True Bloom” roses, with the claim “With True Bloom Roses®, we use our revolutionary rose breeding process to combine the best features of hybrid tea flowering roses with disease-resistant shrub roses.” Ping Lim joined Altman in  2012 with the goal to create roses that would thrive in all climates with easy care while maintaining the traditional beauty of a rose flower. One of my favorites of his, pictured here, is ‘Love & Peace’, and healthy, prolific plant with a stunning blossom of soft yellow adorned with pink petal tips. 

Here are some of the new additions to the “True Bloom” family of roses this year with descriptions and photos from their website:

True Bliss – Beautiful colored pink and white blend, this hybrid tea is very fragrant. Blooms are showcased on a glossy green bed of disease resistant foliage. 3’x3’ Upright

True Delight – A climber that’s all about big. Like a summer dress, the blooms are wildly striped in yellow and salmon pink, complemented by glossy green leaves. Highly fragrant and very disease resistant. 6’X3’ Climber

True Devotion – Light green leaves form the backdrop for highly fragrant light pink flowers packed with 50+ petals each! This highly vigorous climbing hybrid tea is very disease resistant and makes an amazing display against a wall, on a trellis, or gracing an arbor. 7’x3’ Climber

True Perfume – An outstanding garden choice featuring very fragrant pink flowers with white on the petals that pop in front of glossy green leaves. 3’x3’

True Serenity – This hybrid tea sports fragrant, full, dark pink flowers over a leafy canvas of glossy dark green. 3’x3’ Upright

True Spirit – The dark red hybrid tea blooms are positively packed with petals. Glossy, dark green leaves provide the perfect backdrop for these fragrant, full flowers. Very disease resistant. 3’x3’

By Nanette Londeree, Master Rosarian

Photos: Love & Peace, by Nanette Londeree; all others courtesy of Altman Plants

4 thoughts on “The Newest True Blooms”

  1. Nanette, I just looked up ‘True Delight ‘ on help me find and it’s not listed. Shouldn’t Altman get these registered and on help me find?

    1. Hi Joan
      I have no idea how the Help Me Find resource gets their info. You might want to follow up with them and see. Interesting point.

    1. My understanding is that the supplier is working with “big box” stores so that these roses would be widely available. They do specify Lowe’s so you might want to check with them. Good luck!

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