More New Beauties for 2024

Looking for some more new roses?  Featuring deep purples, to brilliant oranges, old-fashioned style, to elegant hybrid teas, towering grandifloras to dainty shrubs, here are some of the introductions for 2024 from Weeks Roses and Star Roses.  Descriptions and photos are courtesy of Star Roses and Weeks Roses catalogs.

Cosmic Clouds – Flowers of magenta purple fading to deep purple with a white reverse appear in medium or large clusters. Extremely full, each rose blossom is packed with over 75 petals and opens up to three inches in size.  Strong, fruity scent that lasts in the vase. This rose fights off powdery mildew, downy mildew, and rust with ease. Medium tall. Bushy upright shrub / climber. Weeks Roses.

Desert Sky – This brick orange rose has undertones of mauve and cedar, offering color with as much depth as a West Coast sunset. Vigorous on its own roots, it stays compact in the landscape and is an abundant bloomer. Its light, spicy fragrance is reminiscent of cinnamon. Floribunda, Star Roses.

Easy Bee-zy Knock Out – This yellow rose continuously produces very bright blooms with long-lasting color. It offers a light citrus fragrance and a single petal display that is alluring to pollinators. The plant is vigorous and overall demonstrates excellent resistance to black spot, rust, and mildew. Rounded bushy habit. Shrub, Star Roses.

Make Me Blush – Large, true tea flowers that open 4 to 5 inches across, exuding a moderately fruity fragrance from clean, light-yellow blossoms blushed in cameo pink. The lovely, pointed buds in the early season to the large, recurring blooms all summer. Grow to a mature height of up to five feet and are very vigorous. Extremely resistant to mildew, rust, and rot. Hybrid tea, Weeks Roses.

Miss Manners – Starts the season with shapely buds that open to flowers of up to 60 petals each. An attractive and compact rose, it produces deep pink roses with an old-fashioned, English-style appearance and a moderate, fruity fragrance. Excellent disease resistance to powdery mildew, downy mildew, and rust.  Medium upright spreading. Grandiflora, Weeks Roses.

Orange Glow Knock Out – This luminescent beauty boasts double orange blooms that display shades of coral, pink, and yellow throughout the cup-like petals. Its incredible rust resistance makes it a top- performer in every climate and a standout on the West Coast.  Upright bushy. Shrub, Star Roses.-

Quest for Zest – Large flowers, some single on a stem, others in cluster of 2 or 3 per stem, with a delightful strong lemon-citrus/fruity fragrance! Very good disease resistance.  Medium tall upright. Grandiflora, Weeks Roses.

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