Miniature Roses with Staying Power

by Nanette Londeree, Master Rosarian

The popularity of miniature roses continues to increase and many new varieties are being introduced every year – so many in fact, that they are pretty hard to keep track of. Which should you select to add to your garden with so many choices? Well, you might consider some of the best mini’s of all time – those that have been added to the American Rose Society Miniature Rose Hall of Fame.

In 1999 the ARS established the Miniature Hall of Fame to honor some minis with real staying power; to be eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame, a miniature rose must have been, and continue to be, in commerce for 20 or more years. The election process begins with the nomination of miniature rose candidates from the ARS general membership. After the nominations are tallied, the results are put before the Award of Excellence (AOE) Committee for possible Miniature Hall of Fame selection. Winners are announced each year at the ARS Miniature Conference and Rose Show.

Look at the list of these wonderful roses – many of them continue to have very high ARS ratings, one more indicator of overall performance. Once you’ve seem these little gems, you’re more than likely to find a spot in your garden for one or more of them!

Beauty Secret (Moore, 1965; AOE 1975; initial member; ARS 8.0) – Cardinal red sharply pointed petals, double, hardy, floriferous, small glossy foliage, intensely fragrant.

Cinderella (de Vink, 1953; admitted 2000; ARS 8.1) – Satiny white, very small blooms sometimes tinged with pink; upright, vigorous, spicy fragrance.

Cupcake (Spies, 1981; AOE 1983; admitted 2002; ARS 8.0) – Medium pink double blooms with exhibition form; compact prolific bloomer with small to medium dark green foliage.

Green Ice (Moore, 1971; admitted 2001; ARS 7.9) – Light pink buds open to white and age to soft green; flattened rosette form on very bushy plant with lax form.

Jeanne Lajoie (Sima, 1975; AOE 1977; admitted 2001; ARS 9.2) – Medium pink blooms on a very vigorous climbing plant; disease resistant, exhibition form.

Little Jackie (Saville, 1982; AOE 1984; admitted 2003; ARS 7.8 ) – Light orange-red exhibition form blooms with yellow reverse; long stems with one bloom per stem.

Magic Carousel (Moore, 1972; AOE 1975; initial member; ARS 8.6) – White petals blending red at edges, tall, glossy foliage, slightly fragrant.

Mary Marshall (Moore, 1970; AOE 1975; admitted 2000; ARS 7.6) – Orange blooms with yellow at base, small leathery foliage on dwarf bush, moderately fragrant.

Minnie Pearl (Saville, 1982; admitted 2004; ARS 9.1) – Light pink with darker reverse and yellow base; exhibition form.

Party Girl (Saville, 1979; AOE 1981; initial member; ARS 8.3) – Yellow-apricot, high centered double blooms, compact bushy growth, moderate fragrance.

Red Cascade (Moore, 1976; AOE 1976; admitted 2004; ARS 7.4) – Dark red pointed buds open flat; prolific bloomer.

Rise ‘n Shine (Moore, 1977; AOE 1978; initial member; ARS 8.5) – Butter yellow, high centered, small double blooms, bushy growth, slightly fragrant.

Snow Bride (Jolly, 1982; AOE 1983; admitted 2003; ARS 8.7) – Creamy white exhibition formed blooms.

Starina (Meilland, 1965; initial member; ARS 8.4) – Orange-scarlet, small blooms, glossy foliage, vigorous dwarf growth.

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