Three Dozen Wonderful Pink Roses

If it seems like there are more pink colored roses than any other single color, you are not imagining it. Rayford Reddell says in his book The Rose Bible, “I probably imagined that … pink wasn’t a masculine color – foolish reasoning. As for the pink aversion, well, it helps to know that more great roses are pink or blends than any other color. If pink bothers you, do your best to get over it.”

The majority of species roses and old garden roses fall into the white, pink, lavender and red colors, with the pinks being the most prevalent. Even with the advent of hybridizing the color pink, in all of its variety, represents the majority of roses in commerce. Think about the color pink and the adjectives we use to describe it – there is pale, soft, powder, blush, pastel, hot, warm, cool, medium, dark, glowing, deep, clear, creamy, magenta, rich, intense, silvery – you get the picture. As there are so many to choose from, putting a list together is pretty easy – including all types from species to hybrid teas to climbers and miniatures.

If you don’t have many pink roses now because you’re not partial to the color, follow Reddell’s advice and “do your best to get over it.”

Name Type Color ARS Rating Year Introduced
R. gallica Species Deep pink 9.0 < 1500
Jeanne Lajoie Climbing Miniature Medium pink 8.9 1975
Mrs B R Cant Tea Medium pink 8.9 1901
Carefree Beauty Shrub Medium pink 8.7 1977
Marchesa Boccella Hybrid Perpetual Light pink 8.7 1842
Pearl Meidiland Shrub Light pink 8.7 1989
Penelope Hybrid Musk Light pink 8.7 1924
Rose de Rescht Portland Deep pink 8.7 ~1880
The Fairy Polyantha Light pink 8.7 1932
Celsiana Damask Light pink 8.6 <1817
Gartendirektor Otto Linne Shrub Deep pink 8.6 1934
Giggles Miniature Medium pink 8.6 1987
Jens Munk Hybrid Rugosa Medium pink 8.6 1974
Souv de la Malmaison Bourbon Light pink 8.6 1843
Ballerina Hybrid Musk Medium pink 8.5 1937
Belle Story Shrub Light pink 8.5 1985
Clair Matin Large-Flowered Climber Medium pink 8.5 1960
Duchesse de Brabant Tea Light pink 8.5 1857
Kathleen Hybrid Musk Light pink 8.5 1922
Mlle Cecile Brunner Polyantha Light pink 8.5 1880
Mrs. R.M. Finch Polyantha Medium pink 8.5 1923
Poulsen’s Pearl Floribunda Light pink 8.5 1949
Rosarium Uetersen (Seminole Wind) Large-Flowered Climber Deep pink 8.5 1977
Sexy Rexy Floribunda Medium pink 8.5 1984
Dainty Bess Hybrid Tea Light pink 8.4 1925
Lady of the Dawn Floribunda Light pink 8.4 1984
New Dawn Large-Flowered Climber Light pink 8.4 1930
Old Blush Hybrid China Medium pink 8.4 1752
Baby Grand Miniature Medium pink 8.3 1994
Bonica Shrub Medium pink 8.3 1985
Marijke Koopman Hybrid Tea Medium pink 8.3 1979
Fame! Grandiflora Deep pink 8.2 1998
Fredric Mistral Hybrid tea Light pink 8.2 1998
The McCartney Rose Hybrid tea Medium pink 8.2 1995
Elizabeth Taylor Hybrid Tea Deep pink 8.1 1985
Sparrieshoop Shrub Light pink 8.1 1953

By Nanette Londeree, Master Rosarian
Photos from left: ‘Belle Story’, ‘Rose de Recht’; photos by the author
Updated December 2019

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